The beauty industry is a wondrous realm that experiences changes with every year. One year, beauty specialists are raving about a given product and the next, they are endorsing an entirely different thing. I have to admit that it gets exhausting; keeping up can drain a person to the extent of giving up. Take for example the year 2015 when the beauty blender arrived onto the scene. People were swift to jump onto that ship, myself included. I mean, it was a fantastic way to apply makeup, a total revolution which I thought would last for ages. I remember ditching my makeup brushes and embracing the sponge as if it was a dream come true, which it was at the time. Who needs a set of brushes when you have a one size fits all product? But it is the beauty industry, and that storm came to pass.

Come 2016, the craze over the beauty blender had died down, and I was rummaging through the remains, trying to find my makeup brushes. Back to the old ways, I told myself as I ditched the sponge. As I was trying to find makeup brushes that would work as well as the blender had, thanks to the massive exodus from face blenders to brushes, I read about these fantastic makeup brushes in the shape of toothbrushes, and I could not wait to set my eyes upon them.

I did my research and landed on the oval set which vloggers were really into, and I ordered a package. I got surprised at how cheap they were, given the numerous features that they had, and I was unsure of how efficient they would be. But again, I always follow the crowd when it comes to beauty and if people were going for oval, who was I to get left behind?


Professional Oval Makeup Brush – Set of 10 Brushes with Soft Toothbrush design

These products are the best makeup brushes for cheap in the market today, and I am glad that I got them when I did, which was late 2016 after having had some bad experiences with other makeup sets. That is a story for another day; as for today, we focus on the perfection that is this makeup set.

For those who have not experienced the oval makeup brushes and are new to the concept, let me break it down for you. They look like toothbrushes! I know how funny that sounds, but once you get hold of them, you begin to appreciate the thinking behind the design and see just how awesome they can be for you.

The handle is round and chunky, sturdy yet flexible enough for you to move around as per your needs and the head is circular with densely packed bristles. It looks like a hairbrush at some point. Oval makeup brushes come in various designs, and you can find some going for as much as sixty dollars for a single brush. But these are the high-end designs which to me are unreasonable given that I can get a set of ten for a much lower price. Eyes on the price tag, always, but without compromising on the quality! Having seen the exorbitant costs of the single packages, I went in search of fair prices and that is how I landed on these best makeup brushes for cheap.

The collection

I received a package with ten brushes for use on the face, eyes, and cheeks and they are all made with cruelty-free products from the hairs all the way to the handles. People are moving towards environmental consciousness as well as fighting for animal rights and buying this package makes me part of the movement. There I am again, following the crowd, the story of my life, sigh.


These brushes do not get sold individually, and the only option I had was to purchase the ten piece set which cost me only $23! That price is pretty amazing given that when you do the math, it means that each makeup brush costs less than three dollars which is very affordable, given the quality of these products. For that price, you are getting the best quality in the market, so it doesn’t matter whether you get to choose the number of brushes you take home.

At first, I was not sure if I would end up using all the brushes in the set which was why I kept looking for places to buy the makeup brushes individually, but I am happy I got the whole thing. I ended up using all of them, and there is not one in the package that I am willing to let go.

They came in a large cardboard box which had a clear lid at the top to enable me to see the brushes even before I took them out and it was love at first sight. I thought that they would look hilarious, but they are just so beautiful. For beginners, you will be happy to know that on the back, you get to have a guide as to what brush does what. For the seasoned makeup artists like me, ‘straightens collar,’ you can use the brushes in whichever manner you wish. Most of the times, I find that I end up using the products for other uses and I found out that I am not alone on this. Just recently, I learned that people use deodorant on their upper lips to prevent sweat beads. The things we do for beauty! So, grab hold of the set and play around with these darlings until you find what works for you.


The brushes are ten, and they come as follows: the eyeshadow brush, the eyeliner brush, the eyebrow brush, the foundation brush, the face blender brush, the powder brush, the blush brush, the crease brush, the nasal shadow brush and the concealer brush. I especially love that the manufacturer took the time to design the brushes as per their uses and I ended up using most of them for their intended purposes.

They come in different sizes. I use the smallest of them for eyeliner application so that I can get the right maneuvers and the biggest for putting on powder. The face blender brush is indeed a blessing, and it took on the role of the sponge.

Features of these makeup brushes

High-quality bristles

The thing I look for in a brush is how soft the bristles are. If I find that they are rough, then it is a no-go zone for me. Coarse hairs give someone a streaked look, and no matter how much you try to even out your appearance, it still shows that something is amiss. Instead of having to deal with this problem each morning, I prefer to get high-quality brushes from the onset.

These brushes have very soft hairs manufactured from synthetic fibers. They feel so lovely on the skin and work great in touching up products on the cheeks, lips, brows, nose and the chin as well as the eyes. Without streaks on my face, I step out of the house looking like a model during fashion week.

Ease of application

Ever handled a makeup brush that worked against your hand? Well, I have, and it is not amusing. You end up twisting your hand at such unnatural angles and still end up getting the wrong look at the end of all the struggles. Having a flexible handle allows me to bend it at the right position and apply my products with ease.

Comfort is paramount especially when putting on products such as blush which can go wrong. Though the handle is flexible, it is also firm, and I have been using the same set for over a year and have never experienced snapping.

The packaging

The container that the makeup brushes come in is gorgeous, and they are arranged inside in such a cute manner. It looks like more of a gift box than a brush holder and I use it to hold the brushes in my dressing area. Each brush has its little place where it slides in perfectly to create the perfect look.

Weight balancing

A makeup brush should neither be too heavy nor too light as both have negative repercussions. Instead, the weight should be evenly balanced to give you just the right amount of ounces to hold without getting cumbersome during application. These brushes feel right in my hand, and I can use them all day without straining my wrists. The grip on them is also incredible and it is impossible for them to slide during usage.

Skin types

Synthetic bristles can be tricky when it comes to compatibility with the skin and some end up giving people rashes. I am always cautious when choosing makeup products because some might work against me. These brushes, however, manage to be super soft and gentle on the skin that they feel like feathers gliding across my dermis. They are comfortable and safe for use for all skin types so you can rest assured that you will not get zits in the morning.

No shedding

These products are designed to last you ages. After all, there is entirely no point in buying a product at a low price only to end up in the store a few months later. They do not shed off the hair, and you are looking at years of service without fail.

Upsides and downsides of the best makeup brushes for cheap

Everything has their good and bad side, just like human beings and where something may look like it’s terrible; it ends up having a fantastic feature. You will understand my way of thinking once you get done going through these pros and cons.



First off, there is no way for you to buy these brushes singularly and you have to commit to the whole set. This feature can be a downer especially when you have not tried something before and are worried about making a move that could end up costing you. What if you do not like them? The good thing about this packaging though, is that you end up saving lots of money. A whole set at the price of twenty-three dollars is a bargain that you will not come across as often as you would like to so when the opportunity presents itself, grab it and take off.

My calculations got me thinking that at 2.3 dollars a brush, my goodness, that was a discount given, with me in mind. Thank you, Oval!


I love the color, and I have to say that the dull black hues in these brushes can get old fast, mainly since I have used much more colorful products in the past. Now, as I said before, there is a silver lining in every cloud. Though these brushes may not be the cutest damnedest things you ever saw on earth, they are the makeup brushes that are easiest to clean.

It takes me one wipe with a wet cloth to get rid of any makeup that gets on them which reduces the workload. Fingerprints don’t show on these products, unlike the other brushes I have used in the past. The bristles also dry fast when washed.


I wish I had purchased a ten-piece set when I was starting out with makeup because I would have become a pro much faster. These brushes are adequate for experimentation. With five face brushes and the others suited for eye makeup, you can go crazy and do whatever you wish. Play around with them and find out which one you use best.

For beginners, I would advise you to buy a ten-piece set as opposed to buying one oval brush. Not only will you get a grand bargain but you will also get to become better at makeup application. Having a wide range of brushes is great because it also provides you with backup. Sometimes I look at some of the makeup brushes and decide that they need to get cleaned, which I do not mind as I can use the rest for backup. It is the beauty of having options.

Getting brushes at such a fair price is not something that you see on a daily basis. Highly versatile and of the best quality, the Professional Oval Makeup Brushes are the best makeup brushes for cheap in stores today, and I would not trade them for another brand!